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User Research


Based on the problem statement, an interview guide was created that was designed to guide our interviewees through an analysis of what they need in order to solve this problem. 

User Guide

1. What is the motivation for people don't to go to the hospital or clinic?

2. Why after the appointment to the hospital still need to line up.

3. How long time will it take to see a doctor?

4. What cause the impact on the patient's condition for queuing spends time?




Thank for participating

Intro to project 

School project

Online Clinic App


Timeframe (30 minutes)

Able to leave at any time

Answer only questions that are comfortable

No right or wrong answers, more detail

Permission to record (start recording)

Worm up

Hey, my name is Andrew. I’m studying in Academy of Art University, Graphic design major.  Thank you very much for joining us for this interview.

1.  What do you usually do when you feel uncomfortable or sick?

2. When was last time you get sick? what did you do?

3. During the last 5 years, how many times have you visited to the hospital, clinic, or community medical centers?How long does it usually take for you to see a doctor? what is the average waiting time in the doctor's office? 

4. Please list some of the illnesses or minor discomforts that you think do not have to seek for a doctor's help. Can you list some diseases that you think must be seen by a doctor?

5.  When you are going to a clinic, what part do you think is the most difficult? the appointment time? the waiting time? 

6. Do you prefer treatment at home or hospital, Clinic, or Community Medical Center? Why?

7. Can you accept online diagnosis and treatment? What do you think of the advantages of this approach? What is the disadvantage?

8.  Have you tried online diagnostics before? What do you think of it?

Evidence of 7 Interviews

Nathan Ouyang          32 years old         Postdoctoral Researcher

1. Wait several days to see if it gets any worse, then try to find a doctor 

2. Recently. did nothing. 

3. about 2 times. the appointment time is usually 1 week later. it took some 1 or 2 hours in the waiting room. 

4. common cold, small infection, simple cuts (not much bleeding), sour throat, pollen allergy. 

    I think abnormal pain, food poisoning or allergy and heart diseases must be attended by a doctor. 

5. getting the appointment. 

6. prefer treatment at home so the time is more flexible. 

7. Yes if it is professional. the advantage is that it will be quick and efficient. the disadvantage might be that it leads to misdiagnosis. 

8. never tried before, although sometimes I google the symptoms. 

Kris Zhou          34 years old         Autodesk Product Manager

1. Google first for minor stuff, or go to primary physician or a specialist for more urgent ones.

2. 6 months ago went to primary physician for fatigue.

3. Reservation is a must. Wait time is around 10 mins.

4. Minor: cold, fatigue, stomachache, allergies. Major: back pain, heart burn, dental.

5. In the US, appointment is a must, and finding a good doctor that fits your time table can be a challenge.

6. Not at home since certain treatment requires special equipments.

7. Only if when I want to get prescriptions fast for diagnosis I already did in the past.

8. Nope.

Donduk Deke           26 years old         Unemployed

1. Relax at home.

2. A year ago.

3. 4 times. It took two weeks to see a doctor.

4. Canker sore.

5. How to make an appointment.

6. Clinic.

7. No i cannot describe symptoms accurately.

8. No.

Anna                          23 years old         Design student

1. Sleep&get some rest.

2. Couple months ago, sleep for a couple of days.

3. 1-2 times. Only hospital in China. Normal wait time around 1 hour.

4. Cold, fever, allergies can be deal by taking medications. Broken legs or bleeding should definitely go check by the doctor.

5. Waiting time is normally too long. Seats are very dirty and you have no idea who was sitting there before.

6. At home.

7. Yes. Conveniences. The diagnosis from the doctor might be not accurate.

8. No.

Melo Tsering           27 years old         CNA (certified nursing assistant)

1. Try resting and use home remedies.

2. Not sure, I dont get sick that often.

3. I've been to hospitals few times for the regular checkups.

4. Cold, minor headache, fever, coughing, and body aches.

5. Waiting time obviously, specially when you just walk-in.

6. Depends on the seriousness of health problems. You can use home remedies for everything so got to treat accordingly.

7. Personally, I prefer face to face time with doctors or medical professionals rather using online treatment. It's just the trust, confidence, and comfort that person brings cant be brought by any technology. Howeve, only advantage I can think of using online diagnosis and treatment can be time saving.

8. I have never tried it but I'm open for it as long as it is regarding minor issues.

Adrian Rahul Raj           22 years old         Graphic design student


1. Take medication

2. Couple of weeks ago. Took medication

3. Twice

4. Fever, cold sore throat. Strep throat, continuous high fever.

5. Appointment time

6. At home. It’s where I’m most comfortable.

7. I think I would accept online diagnosis. It saves me the time and money of going to a clinic. But I’ll never be able to to get an accurate diagnosis by doing this.

8. I have. It has helped me get over the sickness over time. Online diagnosis has worked positively for me.





Emma Hughes






$ 148000/year


Emma Hughes






$ 248000/year

Emma was a hard working, intelligent lawyer. She graduated from Harvard Law School because in the year she graduated, she defended a well-known actor and won a lawsuit, so she became famous. She now lives in Manhattan, New York City and has established a law firm with her partner Mr.Z.  Her work is very busy and is accompanied by mild depression. Because he often feels a huge life pressure. Her favorite decompression method is to eat. She likes vanilla-flavored 4x espresso coffee with donuts in the morning. She likes cured meats and fried foods.She often stays up late. She has the same life style and fashion taste like Victoria's Secret models. However, there is no dimension like a model. Now her weight reaches 280 pounds. Because of this, she also suffers from high blood pressure and heart disease. Because of her large body, her knees are oppressed. She often feels pain in her knees and ankles. 


Mingyang Lee






$ 30000/year

Mingyang from China, he is an international student. He came to San Francisco in January last year to begin his study abroad. He is currently studying at the Academy of Art University. His major is Fine art for oil painting and study ESL EAP 3. He has habitual gastroenteritis and chronic gastroenteritis.  When spring comes, he is allergic. Including nose and eyes. He has never been to a medical center or clinic in the United States. He thinks medical expenses are too high and he cannot communicate smoothly with doctors. He is a diligent student who does not want to ask for leave to see a doctor and he doesn't want to miss his class.


1. Most people prefer to be treated at home, and they feel comfortable at home and not very nervous.

2. Make an appointment, line up, wait. It takes a lot of time. This is why most people refuse to go to hospital for treatment.
3. Many people have not used online diagnostic systems. Most people rely on Google search.

4. A few people worry about the inaccuracy of online treatment.

Research Insights

1. This app requires at least two options, free consultation and payment to find a well-known specialist.

2. This app should link the patient's health application to detect the patient's heartbeat, blood pressure, thermometers, and other health equipment.

3. Most interviewees hope this app has a reminder function, which can remind them when they need medication and when they need to drink.

4. Needs ancillary functions to help patients express the illness as clearly as possible.

User Journey

sick or other diseases

Need help

Open App

Answer Question
What is your diseases

Send Prescription to the closet pharmacy

Get prescription

and diagnosis

Doctor answer

Connected doctor

Get medicine

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Take medicine

Check in

Feel better

Subsequent visit

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