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Analysis & Planning

Design Principle


A medical professional may within all branches of health care, including medicine, surgery, dentistry, midwifery, pharmacy, psychology, nursing. So professional medical care is very important.


The app give an accurate advise and description of how to do the simple medical treament. Accuracy will to eliminate common diseases bring suffering to patients.


This app is designed for patients, When patients feel uncomfortable, they are not willing to more act. So make this as simple and quick as possible.


Medical diagnosis, trustworthy is an essential element. 100% trust for patients is the best feedback for patients.


In a diverse environment, not only diagnosis, but also medicine delivery, health news, health maintenance methods.

User need

User needs are actions that a user must take while interacting with a system (i.e., app) to complete a task. The app must suffice them for the user to achieve the right outcome. User needs are learned through research.

1_ User expects to easy to find a doctor

2_ User expects to view the profiles of the people who left reviews so that they can fe l a personal connection with the user

3_ User expects to find an expert.

4_ User expects to browse service times so that they can know when the service times are

5_ User wants to report inaccurate reviews so that the information on the site stays monitored and accurate

6_ User expects to be able to message other users so that if they have questions about the Medical treatment the users have had

7_ Users expects to have an activity history list 

8_ Users expects to have rewards

9_ Users expects to have a better plan for their times so that they can manage their times.

10_ Users expects to keep their personal information safe.

11_ User expects to be provided quality resources so they can trust the process

12_ User expects a routine planner to have a structured system tailored to what works best for them.

13_ User expects to be connected with other users to learn news things from someone else perspective.

14_ User expects to after the visit, wait until needed medicine

15_ User expects to if you need further inspection, you can make an appointment online

16_ User expects to see previous medical records in online

17_ User expects to get some recommended doctors

18_ User expects to treat yourself and see similar cases

19_ User expects to add your own health plan

20_ User expects to get some health assessments and health records

Moscow Chart

A hierarchy of importance for the app


Quick Question
Looking for a specialist physician
User Profile


Science Health
Video chat
Health insurance
Online pharmacy



Hospital registration
Private Doctors
Sharing to social media

Features and app section

_Quick question
_Find a doctor

   Looking for a national specialist,       
   symptomatic counseling
​_Symptom Checker
_Rapid medicine purchase
​_Online hospital
NEWS/Popularization of health knowledge
_Hot spots
_Lecture hall
_Lose weight
_Mother and baby

_Refute rumors
_Video interview
_Well-known specialist voice
_Hot clinic
_Skin diseases
_Rheumatic bone disease
_Cardiovascular diseases
_Respiratory medication
_Gastrointestinal medication
_Nutrition and health products
_Self-test tool
_Human figure
_List of symptoms
_Front and back switching
_Account Balance
_Doctor orders
_My prescription
_Rehabilitation tasks
_My medical records
_Health records
_Followed doctor
_my collection
_Setup and help

Information Architecture

Low Fidelity Sketches

Concept 1
Concept 3
Concept 2

Annotated Wireframes

Paper prototype

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